Greetings Pets,

Happy Valentine’s Week! I hope everyone is having a great one so far and getting to spend time with special people, whether it be a special someone or your friend and family. I still don’t know what I am doing this week. I guess I will find out who my admirers are when I get things from my wishlist!

These last few weeks have been so busy with customs and getting into the swing of things! I have been enjoying these creative custom clips you beautiful people have been coming up with lately. I long for creative and artistic fetish and FemDom scenes to perform besides my devious ideas. Please feel free to send me more by clicking here!

I have also been trying to get out more updates every week. I was able to put up six brand spanking new clips for you all to join. There should be something for everyone! Just scroll down and browse. You’re sure to find something you like. 😉

Well, that is all for now. Till next week my darlings!

Warm Regards and Kinky Dreams,

Olivia Rose

Still from “Jean Worship

Jean Worship

There is nothing better than a tight-fitting pair of jeans on my ass. You could watch as I bend over all day. They make you want to get right underneath them and press your face into the. The best part about tight jeans on my ass is how they control boys like you. You see them on me, and all you can think of is worshiping my ass in them. The texture of them on your face makes you feel naughty thoughts, don’t they? You’re probably sitting there with your cock in your hand, worshiping them, and you should. Worship them and let them get into that head and control you as you stroke to them!

Length: 11 minutes

Price: $11.99

Now Available on and!

Still from “Whitney & Olivia’s Foot Talk Ignore

Whitney and I are taking a much-needed break from the convention floor where we have some water cooler talk about, you guessed it, our feet. Listen in while we chit chat and ignore you as you sit at our feet. It is the best place to be around us! You get to see our bare feet with toes spread, wiggling, taunting you, and making you wish you could reach out and touch them!

Too bad, you can’t tough! You’ll have to wish, won’t you, foot junky?

Length: 11 minutes 

Price: $11.99

Available Now on and!

Still From “Forever Immortally Mine

Forever Immortally Yours

***This is a custom clip. For your own Click HERE!***

Custom Script:

“Please wear the same catsuit, with the zipper (or similar) that you wore in the “Vamp Wrecked” clip. I’d also really like you to wear your vampire fangs in this clip, but if that’s not possible, I understand.

You would play the role of a sexy vampire in this clip. You & I’ve been seeing each other, and you’ve been feeding off me during our relationship. I’m your very willing slave, and I have been looking forward to taking the next step and joining you as a vampire. It’s something I want.

Today is the day. Earlier, you allowed me to consume some of your life force, and now we’re ready for the next step. For me to turn, you will break my neck, offing me so that I then transition to the undead.

I’m fully aware of all this and very eager to undergo this process.

Please tease me seductively as you prepare me for this transformation. Tell me things like how you’re so proud, happy, and excited that I’m choosing this, and how wonderful it’s going to be.

Please move in close to me, ask me if I’m ready, and then snap my neck (audible neck-breaking sound), offing me.

A short time later, when I awaken, you welcome me to the other side. Tell me about how we are bound together now and will be so close and how amazing things will be for us now that I’m one of you.

It’s now time for me to feed on my first victim, to fully complete the transformation.”

Length: 16 minutes 

Price: $16.99

Now Available on and!

Still from “From Pants-wetter To Diaper Princess

From Pants-wetter To Diaper Princess

I am always super accommodating to friends when they need help, and Toby Springs needed it! He came by my place with wet pants, and I had just the thing for him! Toby had an accident, and I was there to help. He handed me his clothes to put in the wash, and I had the perfect outfit for him. You see, I know pants-wetters, and I believe they should all wear diapers. I also have quite a few outfits just in case.

I go back out to my living area and present him with a diaper and onesie. He was so embarrassed! I didn’t care, though. I told him that he needed to put these on since he couldn’t keep his bladder under control. He begrudgingly did, of course. I told him he’d have to be my “wee wittle pwincess” if he can’t control himself and that if I didn’t have these diapers, he would have just hung around in pee pants all day. That was not an option, and neither was lounging around my place naked either. He deserved to have a diaper on since he’s not potty trained. 

He soon realized this was my plan all along. He then tried to mess with his diaper, so since he wanted to be disobedient, I decided locking that diaper on him would be in his best interest! He will think twice about peeing his pants and coming to me for help after from now on!

Length: 12 minutes 

Price: $12.99

Available Now on and!

Still From “Shave Your Head For Me

Shave Your Head For Me

***This is a custom clip. For your own Click HERE!***

Custom Script:

“I’m in my mid-40s. Try to take care of myself, stay fit, etc. However, I have been dealing with a receding hairline for several years. Within the last year or so, my hair loss has really accelerated to the point where I can’t really style around it or hide it anymore.

In this clip, I’d like you to help me embrace this by telling me how you really like guys with shaved heads. How you find it a masculine, sexy, and confident look. Please tell me things like how I should look at this hair loss as a good thing and you want me to go for it and start rocking the bald look and how sexy you find it. I think if I had a perfect goddess like you telling me how you like it would help give me the confidence to proudly accept and enjoy this change.”

Length: 9 minutes 

Price: $9.99

Available Now on and!

Still From “Daphne Black’s Shaggy Stupefy

Daphne Black’s Shaggy Stupefy

***This is a custom clip. For your own Click HERE!***

Custom Script:

“Dressed the same as Daphane black in my previous custom but with black lipstick instead. You have captured Shaggy and tied him and shut him up. The video starts with Shaggy opening his eyes to see you enter the room with a table in the middle that has the pendant you used in my previous custom and your laptop, with an evil grin on your face and hands on your hips. “Oh looks whose awake hi Shaggy what you don’t know who I am it’s me Daphene, but I’m not the Daphane that you once knew you see Master Harry has reprogrammed me that’s right the ghost clown that we caught long ago and now I am now known as Daphene Black!” “He’s watching our every move. Don’t I look stunning with this outfit? (Model your outfit) Now its time for your programming that’s right Master Harry has instructed me to mesmerize you and program you into joining our side now let’s begin shall we.” You grab the pendant and instruct him to stare at the necklace while you sway it back and forth in front of you (do not move your head) and give him an induction for 1-minute talk in a relaxing tone (say things like its mesmerizing isn’t it the way the pendant moves back and forth.). After 1 minute, you suddenly feel tired yourself, and you stare at the swinging pendant following it with your eyes(no moving of head) for 30 seconds (while you say “the pendant it’s so mesmerizing that I can’t look away”). Then you give yourself a count down from 5-1 when you reach one, your head goes down, and your hands drop by the side. ‘Snap!‘ You awake from your trance but return to Daphene black. “Oh, what happened I must have mesmerized myself. I’m still not ready yet master oh you want me to use that yes, of course, master harry.” You open your laptop to show the same spiral video in the previous video at full screen and say,” you see this spiral here, it reprogrammed me, and now it’s going to program you!” You play the video and instruct shaggy to stare at the center of the spiral. After 30 seconds into the video, you realize that it’s not working on hairy. Hence, you restart the video and stare at it yourself (watch the full video and repeat what the video is saying after 30 seconds). When then the video ends, you stand up in a trance waiting for commands. “Yes, master Shaggy I will dance for you.” You dance sexy 1 minute. ‘Snap!’ You snap out of your trance and get pissed off that it’s not working on shaggy. “Damm it this video I think only works on women it will work wonders on Velma oh well we have one more weapon to use against you ill be right back.” You walk to the right and return in your leather jacket, choker, pants, gloves, and new boots with your purple bra and pink panties from your video on and holding the metronome in your hands. “Now, this metronome is sure to work on you. Its mesmerizing ticks will mesmerize you, but first.” You untie his right arm telling him that he must jerk off to you and the sound of the metronome. If not, you will off him. You begin the metronome at 60 bpm and stand at attention and say, “now watch the metronome go back and forth while I listen to the tick and let it take control of me..” Your face becomes the same as the pic below for 30 seconds. Then you start to say, “yes, master, must, start, dancing, too, tick, now.” You begin to dance to the sound of the metronome mindless for 1 min (the same thing dance the same on how you dance to the metronome in metronomic pleasure video hands on your hips swaying your body back and forth). Then you upgrade the speed of the metronome every minute max 140 and dance to it, tease him to jerk off to you while dancing(make the hand gesture). When you reach 80, dance on his cock by shaking your ass on it for 1 minute. When you reach 100 start to striptease out of your clothing. When you reach 120, you go to him and play with his cock (dildo) for 30 seconds and continue to strip teasing to the beat. Then you change it to 140 and start stroking him. “Umm, someone’s very hard jenkies. I didn’t know your cock is as big as Fred’s, so this is 100% of your power, hahaha!” You continue to jerk him off to the sound of the beat for 30 seconds until he cums, then you orgasm when he cums. “Good boy, now whose master(say it in his ear) what you weren’t mesmerized at all, you were just faking it and wanted to jerk off err that does it time for plan b.” You knock him out with a punch, and the screen turns black. When he wakes up, he sees you playing with his cock with your leather hands, and you say” master harry will be here any minute now he’s going to decide what we will do to you later now ill have some fun with your cock now.” You end the video with a burst of evil laughter while stroking him. Please add music to the video until the metronome part.”

Length: 18 minutes 

Price: $18.99

Available Now on!

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