Hello, Pets,

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone in the US had a relaxing three day weekend and were able to get out and get some fresh air. I have been trying to soak up as much outdoor time as possible before the weather turns here. Since I live in PA now, I only have a few more weeks, and then it will start getting cold. I have been trying to hike an hour a day, and so far, I have been hitting my goals.

Tonight I will be shooting clips and solo customs. I am excited about the few I have. I think they’re going to be super fun! I have been enjoying using my greenscreen to make trippy clips and fun backgrounds since I have way less room to shoot here than in my previous house. I think the sky is the limit, creativity wise, when you can edit in special effects and whatnot. I also always love a challenge and learning new things, and the green screen can do that for me. If you have a solo custom you’d love for me to star in, please reply to this email, and let’s make it happen!

I released five new clips over the last week. Just scroll down and snatch them up. You won’t be disappointed.

Well, that is about al for the week! Till next time!

Warm Regards and Kinky Dreams,

Olivia Rose

“Fucked Up For My Birthday”

Fucked Up For My Birthday

September is my birthday month, so I decided to film a video that I enjoy. We all know I love teasing you, making you goon and stroke, and I especially like getting you all fucked up! So, we are going to play a game. Depending on where my spinning wheel lads, depends on what method you will imbibe in, whether it be a shot, a smoke, or a sniff of aroma! Let’s get you fucked up for my birthday, and if I am happy enough, maybe I will even let you cum!

Length: 23 minutes 

Price: $23.99

Available NOW on OliviaRoseFetish.com and IWantOliviaRose.com!

“Hosed by Hose”https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/93991/23790207/hosed-by-hose-4k

Hosed By Hose

I know you are new to the office, and like many pantyhose perverts before you, your ogling and creepy vibe won’t stand. Now, I could report you to HR and let them take care of it, but I enjoy my method much more. You are going to reach the same fate as others before you. I am surprised none of the higher-ups have realized it is so strange how they can never keep any of the male workers around and how the turn over rate for male employees is ridiculously high. No matter, you’ll get what you wanted all along; to feel my tan hose on you, except they won’t be on my legs, but instead around your neck, squeezing the life out of you!

Length: 11 minutes 

Price: $11.99

Available NOW on OliviaRoseFetish.com and IWantOliviaRose.com!

“Step-Mommy’s Regression Solution”

Step-Mommy’s Regression Solution

You have been living in our house rent-free, taking up space. You do nothing but loaf and play video games while I clean up after you, cook dinner, and pay for your other living expenses. Since you don’t want to act like a grownup, I am not going to treat you like one. To live in our house any longer, you will have to be fully regressed and diapered like the bb you are. Get ready! There will be no more big boy games for you, only weeing in diapers and mushy food until I can retrain you!

Length: 12 minutes 

Price: $12.99

Available NOW on OliviaRoseFetish.com and IWantOliviaRose.com!

“Eating The Competition”

Eating The Competition 

You wake up not knowing where you are and see me sitting before you. You have no idea how you got there, but you know you’re in a now tiny body, and I am a business competitor of yours. I have been trying to get you to sell your company to me for a long while, but you refused my offers. I’m over trying to make a deal with you, and so I give you two options; I can have my secretary come in, and you can sign the papers giving your company to me, or I can entirely consume you. I will swallow you whole and digest you!

Length: 11 minutes 

Price: $11.99

Available NOW on OliviaRoseFetish.com and IWantOliviaRose.com!

“Metronome JOI 2”

Metronome JOI 2 

We had quite a fun time seeing if you could keep pace when I brought my metronome out last time. This time though, I thought I would add an extra element. I know how tough it was to stay the course last time with my dirty talk and fast-paced metronome, but this time you will be mesmerized while it keeps the beat. Follow along to my amethyst charm, and see how deep you can go. If you’re a good boy, you’ll even get to cum while falling deeper into submission!

Length: 11 minutes

Price: $11.99

Available NOW on OliviaRoseFetish.com and IWantOliviaRose.com!

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