Cookies And Clip Updates

Cookies And Clip Updates

Greetings Pets,

I hope everyone is having a lovely week. I know that most people are in a rush this time of year with all the holiday hubbub and gift buying. I know I am! I also had a small person go into surgery yesterday, which is why this newsletter was a bit delayed. Everything went well and will be back to my usual schedule next week!

I have been doing A LOT of baking this week as well. Every year I send my favorite people boxes of cookies, and this year is no exception. Yesterday I made over 100 peanut butter cookies to send out! I do have to say they are the best and easiest recipe I have made. I am trying to be good and not eat them all. 😉

The *Best* Peanut Butter Cookies

I have some exciting news! I have confirmed that I will be signing with the Clips4Sale booth at AVN this year!

I am looking forward to interacting with my fans yet again. You never know what can happen too!

Since I will be in Las Vegas for the convention, that means I will also be working with quite a few impressive models. If you have any custom requests, feel free to send them my way. I, for sure, am working with Whitney Morgan, and am busy booking with other ladies. Just reply to this email and let’s schedule something!

I am, of course, also available for solo customs as well. Feel free to hit me up about those as well. Let’s make those kinky dreams become a reality!

The Clips4Sale “End of The Year Sales Incentive” Is still in full swing as well! Don’t have the money for a custom, but enjoy my clips? Now is your chance to be included in my FREE Custom Raffle! Just purchase your clips from my Official link,, send me your proof of purchase, and be entered to win! Every clip obtained with my link counts as one entry into the raffle. The more clips you buy, the more chances to win!

Well, that’s all for this week. Feel free to browse the clips I just released and use my unique link (! I know there a little for everyone!

Until next time!

Warm Regards and Kinky Dreams,

Olivia Rose

“Supergirl Trains Mindless Henchman”


***This is a custom clip. For your own email Me!***

Custom script:

“Dressed in precisely like in your edging you forever video, but with purple bra and panties with pants from your hotfoot ghost of uncle carl video and heels, choker with makeup and lipstick on hair tied in a ponytail with the purple bow in your “Crimson Rose” video and fringe. You have a client whose here to see you about his lack of focus, and you are going to train him to focus on you. You walk up the stairs to enter your room, but you hear a ticking sound coming from your room. You enter your office to see a metronome(the gift I’m sending you) on your black desk also from your hotfoot ghost of uncle carl, ticking in 60 bpm. “Oh, is that the actual metronome Master Jason sent me to use of his new henchmen great it will work just fine.” You become enchanted because of the metronome you slowly walk in front of the desk and stare at it(stare at it standing up). (Camera view now precisely in the picture below.) You stare at the metronome for 30 seconds (Only eyes following the movement of the arm do not move your head) then after that, you start to say in a robotic tone, “Yes, Master, Jason, I, am, now, your, metronome, slave, I, will, now, use, it, to, train, your, new, henchmen, I, will, use, it, to, train, his, focus, and, dance, too, the, beat.” Yes, Master, Jason, I, will, dance, sexy, for, you, now.” You set the metronome to 80 bpm, and you start to dance hot to the sound for 2 min (hands on your hips and sway to the beat and sometimes hands in the air). You stop the metronome and say, ” Yes, Master Jason, I will change into the outfit for his training.” You walk to the left and come back in the supergirl costume and red heels with the same bra and panties in it with makeup and sit on your office chair waiting for him to come. After 10 seconds later, he enters, and you stand up and greet him, telling him that it’s you Supergirl, and you have been mesmerized by Master Jason to be his Supervillain slave, and what is he here for and say to him that you will use the metronome to help him. “See this metronome here? It will help you with your problems, focus on me, and follow my instructions take your cock out. You heard me take it out right now!” Let us start slow, shall we.” You stand up and turn the metronome to 60 bpm and dance to the beat (hands on your hips) and instruct him to stroke according to the beat for 30 seconds (please skip all the setting up metronome scenes). “Well let’s go a little faster, shall we?” You turn it to 80 bpm and dance to beat and instruct him to keep up to the beat for another 30 seconds(make the stroking hand gesture for this and the later parts). “Umm good now time to go faster,” You set it to 100 bpm and ask him to go faster for 30 seconds. Umm very good now time to go even quicker, metronome now at 120 bpm you take matters into your own hands and stroke his cock (Dildo) according to the beat for 30 seconds. Metronome now at 140 bpm, you stroke faster for the last 30 seconds until he cums and you orgasm when he cums. You stop the metronome and ask him if he enjoyed the session and if he feels more focused. Then you thank him for coming and ask him to come back if he wants to see you dancing to the metronome. Then you wink, and the video ends.”

Price: $13.99

Length: 13 minutes

Purchase this video on And!

“Trouser Sock Temptation”


Staring at girls in the office is one of your favorite pastimes. You get especially turned on when you see a woman who has nylons under her pantsuit. You wonder if she could be wearing pantyhose, or maybe thigh highs, but your absolute favorite is knee-high nylon trouser socks!

I know this and use it to My full advantage. Just a glimpse of bare skin when I pull my pants up and expose my knee makes you weak and only want to worship and please Me. You would love for nothing more than to be down on your knees sniffing My trouser socks, taking their scent right into that head of yours.

Today is your day then! I will dangle my heels to drop and then shove these nylons right in your face giving you the ultimate trouser sock office temptation!

Price: $12.99

Length: 12 minutes 

You can purchase this video on And!

“Shut Up And Swallowed”


This compilation features all the swallow scenes from some of my best Vore videos and even the first I ever filmed! Over 30 separate swallowing scenes that feature Codi Vore, Tomiko, Aqua X and myself. Scenes include Giantess, Gastronomic Voyeurism, Endoscopes, Spit, Uvula shots, Epiglottis shots, Teeth fetish, Tongue Fetish, Belly Fetish, Throat Fetish, and much more!

Price: $29.99

Length: 41 minutes 

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“Interrupting Sneezes”


This time of year, my sinuses are massively irritated. Every time I go to film, my sneezing fits, though, as soon as my camera is set up, they stop. This time that was not the case, and since my camera was already ready to go and I was filming, I was able to capture it all on camera. Big sneezes, loud sneezes, a stifled sneeze, all complete with my nose running, and my eyes watering. I just wanted it to stop so that I could continue with my work. Eventually, they did stop, but not before my eyelashes were clumped together from tears, and streaks of makeup ran down my face!

Price: $8.99

Length: 8 minutes 

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“Only Your Hand”

Only Your Hand

It has come to my attention that you have all sorts of pervy little habits. You can’t resist stroking all the girls in your life. After meeting a hot girl, you can’t help but to go home and talk to Ms. Handy. You are just a small dick loser pervert who only has his hand to keep you company!
Your hairdresser, your bank teller, that girl at the grocery store, you go home and furiously wank to them like the pathetic loser you are because they would never fuck you!
So take out that dicklette and start fucking your hand because no woman who meets you will give you the time of day! You will forever only have your hand!

Price: $9.99

Length: 9 minutes

Purchase Now from and!

AVN 2019 Part 2

AVN 2019 Part 2

The shoots! This is what all of you want to hear about, I know. I shot with so many great people, and when I wasn’t shooting I was either hanging on the convention floor or meeting and getting to know my wonderful colleagues in the industry.

Monday marked my first two shoots of the week. I am really glad i scheduled things early and after a long weekend. I tend to get really anxious if I know there will be a lot going on, and this saved my mind, especially when having a ton of customs planned and the pressure of meeting and exceeding expectations of my custom clients. I am a perfectionist, so making sure I see their vision is paramount for me. I love fetish porn and acting, so combing those to kick ass at someones private fantasy makes my heart happy.

My first shoot was with Layla Mayhem. Layla is just awesome. She has been in the biz for about two years and is very reliable. Anytime I have a shoot that entails some very eccentric scripting and action, I know I can ring Layla up and she will be down, going above and beyond and following my directions to make this persons fantasy come to life. I had two customs with her over the week and she was great at it all. The first video we filmed had to do with face fetish and face exploration. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it can be easily defined by a subject having their mouth, nose, eyes, and ears explored by either a camera, or another person. I think the intimacy of the fetish is what is such a turn on for so many. Getting right up close and personal like you were right there starring at the essence of someone, how the face contorts and moves, etc. Of course this isn’t my fetish, but this is my speculation after having done quite a few custom videos on the subject.

This custom was different than any other I have done because it involved Layla getting up in my face and me ignoring her in part of the viewpoint, and the other part, her wielding an endoscope to look in all of my face holes. This way the viewer an get right inside all of my facial orifices. Pretty cool right?

Laila Mayhem opening my facial nose and mouth for a face exploration custom.

We also did a second video after the above. It was a cuckold clip for my sweet slave Wolfman. He loves my cuckolding videos and imagining that he is beside a sweet slave girl sucking his Mistress’s cock. One day I am sure he will get his wish.

My second shot for the night was with Slave Fluffy, or as he likes to be called now, just “Fluffy.” I had two strong women videos for him this time around. Fluffy and I have been working together since he first visited, and temporarily moved to Vegas, in 2016. He even lived with me for a brief period of time, which was great. I loved having a slave boy I could use for videos and make fun of all whenever I wanted to.

Anyway, the first custom I did entailed Fluffy riding my back while I was in a pantsuit and high heels. I was asked to do squats and calf raises in this outfit squatting with his weight on my back. This clip was definitely challenging for me! I am known for having muscular legs and being a strong woman able to carry and lift more than my weight, but I am usually not doing this in 7 inch heels! That’s right, i had super high stilettos on and was able to squat and calf raise. My legs did feel the workout the next day, let me tell ya!

Here I am carrying Fluffy on My back for the clip Work Harder Woman.

The next day I had a super early shoot with Tomiko. If you don’t know who Tomiko is you can check out her Clips4Sale store here. The best thing about working with Tomiko is how fun her shoots are! I was was eaten by a giant space worm named Fluffy (not to be confused with the male model), who ate us both leaving only our socks and slippers! This fluffy is a giant worm who eats people for the fetish Vore. Vore is a fetish where the viewer imagines him/herself being eaten and digested. There are various aspects of vore that go into detail and have to do with the ritual of chewing, swallowing and the digestion, sometime gastronomic voyeurism, or the viewer swimming in someones digestive tract and being absorbed by their body. This is commonly found beside the Giantess category (think Attack of the 50 ft woman”). We also did a Freeze Super Heroin video, and a new assassin video! I still have to edit that one, but I know it is going to be epic.

This was only halfway through my week at AVN, and there are more shoots to talk about, as well as the convention, but you’ll just have to wait till my next blog, won’t you?

Till next time!

AVN Debauchery!

AVN Debauchery!

Most of you know that I am planning my trip back to Las Vegas for AVN/AEE Expo. I am super excited to be back in my home town for a week and a half, since this is the longest I have ever been away from there. It will be nice to see my friends that I miss, shoot with people I love, and make fabulous photos, and memories.

I will be posting on my calendar what my schedule will be and who I am shooting with shortly! I have some really fun stuff planned with some great talent like Anastasia Rose, Laila Mayhem, Emma Leviathan, Miles Striker, Slave Fluffy, Toby Springs, Billy Boston, Tomiko, and more! I will also be at the Clips4Sale booth the whole time the convention’s running.

Last year I work for two different booths, and it was just too much at the end of the day. this year I am playing it a bit more low key, and hopefully low anxiety, on the Expo floor. I found it to be more fun when I can concentrate all of my energy on a specific area, instead of all over. It makes for a much more enjoyable time for all the wonderful fans visiting, and myself. I hope to make some kinky memories for some of you who are going to be visiting me!

Three years ago when I worked solely at C4S, I got to session with people right there in the booth and introduce people to the kinky side of porn. It doesn’t get any better than that! I have always loved performing , theater, acting, performance artistry are all my first loves, so getting up and performing in front of a crowd full of people puts me over the moon!

Along with working the booth and shooting with some great people I will also be offering private Pro Domination sessions. If you’re looking for some one on one time with me, than that is what you need! Just fill out my session request form and we can plan something amazing.

Well, I thought I would just write a quick something to keep you all informed. I have to get back to clip posting, editing, and packing all the things for my trip!

Warm Regards and Kinky Dreams,

Olivia Rose