Turkey Week And New Content

Turkey Week And New Content

Hello Lovlies,

Happy Tuesday, and for all the Americans on my mailing list, Happy Face Stuffing week! Now that I am in Pennsylvania, the family matriarchs take care of all the major cooking, which is fine by me. I still have to cook something, though, so I will be making one of my special cheesecakes. I have been baking cheesecakes for years now. I usually do one take on a classic holiday pie. For example, I take an apple pie and transform it into the perfect cheesecake. This year I am doing something completely different, though. I will be taking the classic campfire dessert and making a S’mores cheesecake! Check out my social media, and you will see the pictures of my baking process. 😉

As of this week, I decided to take my usual OliviaRoseFetish.com Newsletter and make it into a blog so I can share all of my goings-on with you all as well!

I am still taking a few customs even though I have a busy week. Have a great idea that you want to come to life and star yours indeed? Just fill out my form here, and let’s make custom magic!

I am also starting to book for AVN, so if you know of other models attending and want to see them in my clips, hit me up! I love working with others and expanding my reach. It’s always nice to make new friends in the industry as well. 🙂

Well, that’s all for this week. Check out all of my new clip titles at the bottom of this blog and snap them all up! Also, be sure to look at my stores this weekend for a few Turkey Day themed clips.

Warm Regards and Kinky Dreams,

Olivia Rose

“Campaign Trail Sissy” can be found HERE

Campaign Trail Sissy

***This is a custom video. For your own fill out my customs form HERE!***

Custom Script:

“You are a sadistically evil and corrupt politician, and I am your feminized sissy slut aide. You’ve put a lot of campaign funds into perfecting my feminization over the last few years of your term so much so that I now resemble a perfect little fuck doll in every way. Fake tits, full lips curvy hips, perfect makeup, and platinum blonde hair. Yes, no expenses were spared to make me the best fuckdoll-except for my oversized little clitty, which instead of having removed, you decide to keep locked up tight in a tiny pink chastity device. The keys to which have long since destroyed. I am so weak and so obsessed with you and your dirty bare feet that you always tease me with that I’ve allowed you to use me and transform me into a perfect slut without any objections. 

Now Election year is around the corner, and you reveal to me the purpose of my feminization and the platform on which you will be running: Slavery reparations. Tonight when you announce your candidacy to the world on national television, you will march me out on stage with you in a slutty little outfit. My hands cuffed behind my back, and after lifting my skirt and showing the world how you have me locked up in chastity and feminized me, you will force me to my knees. Then from the audience, you will invite all the black men on stage( you will have purposely planted several well-hung ones to give the audience a real treat) and offer them reparations in the form of a blowjob from a sissy white girl which they, of course, will accept. Then as I choke and gag on BBC and swallow their cum, you will address the world and make the promise that over the next four years, every black man in America will receive reparations too. It should be a landslide victory.

It won’t be easy for me to make good on your promise, and it’ll mean a lot of cock sucking on the campaign trail, but I won’t have a choice. You remind me how replaceable I am and tell me to kiss your feet, and thank you for the privilege of being apart of your landmark campaign. Throughout your speech, you’ve been pointing your toes and teasing me with your feet, and You notice that my locked up clitty is rock hard in its little cage, and a small puddle of precum has now formed on the floor. You roll your eyes in disgust- how pathetic. You snap your fingers and tell me to lick ur dirty feet, so they are nice and clean for tonight and try not to make a mess in my chastity cage.”


“Vamp Wrecked” can be found HERE

Vamp Wrecked

***This is a custom clip. For your own fill out my customs form HERE!***

Custom Script:

“You’re new to my neighborhood. We have an annual costume party for Halloween. You went as a vampire, but little did I know you were one. You saw me at the party with my wife, both of us looking like ordinary everyday folks, but you could sense something dark in me. You kept catching me staring at you and lusting. Thinking how amazing it would be to be seduced and bitten by such an erotic creature. You read those thoughts and wait for your time to take this willing prey. 

The scene opens with you finding your way into my house and see me all alone on the couch. You knew my wife would pass out eventually and waited for that chance to seduce and feed. I’m a bit hesitant, but you know I won’t be able to resist such a sexy vampire with bloodlust in such a seductive outfit. You take bites throughout the scene, talking about the pleasure that you can give with one taste that my wife could not match in a million years. You want to keep our rendezvous’ secret from her, but you’ve found a tasty and willing play/feed pet, and with my average appearance, no one will suspect a thing. 

You can sense how aroused I get when you bite into my neck, wanting it over and over. It’s a dream come true, and my lust runs high.”


“HypStroke” can be found HERE


You dream about my hand wrapped around your cock, stroking you to completion. I want you to feel right here with me as I guide you through an enchanting orgasm. I stroke you up and down, making you weaker and weaker with every glide of my hand across your hard cock, mesmerizing you, making you feel so good that you can’t help but to give in to what I want. I am going to make you think my wants are your wants and forever entwine you to me. 

You feel every inch of my long nails and long fingers gripping you, making you throb, pulse, and want to release. You yearn to be closer to me, but when you do cum, you will give it all up. Your being will be mine. Just watch the spiral and stare as I get into your head and take control of one stroke at a time!


“Binding Love Spell” Can be found HERE

Binding Love Spell

I decided you need a bit of a push in your submission. I tend to use my magic to transform you into whatever I’d like or even to curse those who disobey, but this time I decide it’s better to cast a love spell on you. A love spell to bind you to me. A spell that makes you helplessly in love with me so I may do as I wish to you, and you will do whatever I want!

I call upon the Dark Goddess to bind you to me and use all of my power to get you closer and hook you in, controlling you, making you mine, and forever binding you to me! My wants and desires will become your wants and desires. No matter how hard you try, you will not be able to break free from my magical grasp and be powerless to break my magic hold on you!

You may think you will have the will power to resist, but you will not be able to. You are about to be mine forever!


“Can’t Get Enough of My Ass” can be found HERE!

Can’t Get Enough of My Ass

Just seeing my ass makes you want it, right in front of your face. There are so many things you could think of doing to my perfect ass. I know your type. You are not able to get enough of it right in your face. It is so round, so plump. There are so many ways in which you would love it to be right in front of you. You want to worship and please it. It is so lovely, so juicy and in need of constant adoration.

There is a small catch, though. You’ll have to do whatever I say to get your ass fixed, and whatever I want I get. I need you on your knees behind me. I know you will willingly pay whatever I want to have this ass jiggling right in your face. I love making you work for it, making you give in like a good ass addict. So open up that wallet and dive right in. I am going to take it all so you can have the privilege of worshiping my magnificent ass.