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Hello, Pets,

I hope everyone is having a glorious week! I am getting over a throat cold, so I have been a bit under the weather as opposed to my spunky self. I am hoping that with enough rest, I can kick it out of my system and continue with my customs and content production. 

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of working with Goddess D and her dummy. They were wonderful. If you haven’t checked out her clip store here on C4S, I highly recommend it! 

I am still accepting custom solo clips. If you have a project in mind, send it over. Let’s make some custom magic!

Below is the list of clips I released over the last week. Feel free to snap them up! You won’t be disappointed!

Well, that is all for this week. Till next time!

Warm Regards and Kinky Dreams,

Olivia Rose

Still from “Glamouring The Fool

Glamouring The Fool

***This is a custom Clip. For your own email Me!***

Custom Script:

“Olivia Rose’s tarot emporium I’ve come in, down on my luck to find out what the future holds for me. You set me at ease with your sexy cleavage as you smile and let me know that every man gets what they deserve from you. I’m not sure which cards would be most appropriate, but could you deal something like a card from the past where I’m stuck in a rut? Then from the present, where it’s clear to see that I am lost? Then you start to deal a card for my future, and it goes a bit trippy/echoey??? Where you tell me the cards are saying I need to get on my knees and worship and goon for you, all the way taking me down gooning and stroking before you deal my final card….’The Fool’!! Then I realize, and it’s too late. You are not human! The elegant red wine on your table is a life source! Your teeth are a little bit sharper than they should be, and you’ve mesmerized me into being your puppet! I’m such a fool! Omg! You’re a vampire, and no one gets to leave alive after having their fortune told by you!!!!”

Length: 12 minutes

Price: $12.99

Available Now on and!

Still From “Case of the Hotfoot Fairy

The Case Of The HotFoot Fairy

***This is A custom clip. For your own email Me!***

Custom Script:

“PROLOGUE (1 minute):  You’ve just come home from an event at the firm and you’re sitting at your desk, surfing the Internet while chatting on the phone with your friend Rae.  You’re wearing a form-fitting dress with ultra-sheer nude pantyhose and open-toe high-heel mules (the kind that can be quickly kicked off!).  Your legs are crossed and you can’t see what’s going on under the desk.  You tell Rae about how you used the spell on your boss, making her the center of attention at the event, though not in the way she would like.  You laugh and imitate the sounds she made, especially since she tries to be very feminine around the guys.  You laugh at the way she ended up with her feet in the ice bucket.  But you also tell her that you’re worried about a side-effect of the spell….

SCENE ONE (2.5 minutes):  You tell Rae that the spell description says that casting it can attract pixies, who are mischievous creatures and especially attracted by the Hotfoot Spell.  But you tell her that you don’t really believe pixies exist.  As you tell her this, a pixie hand under the desk slides a wooden match under the nylon-clad toes of your dangling foot.  We then see your face as you talk to Rae, telling her that even if there were such things as pixies, they wouldn’t give you a really SERIOUS hotfoot.  When you say this we see that the pixie hand has wedged several other matches under the toes of your dangling foot and is striking a match to light them.  We cut back to your face as you explain to Rae that you’re quite sure that if there were any matches ignited in close proximity to your toes, you would be well aware of it.  We then see the pixie hand as it lights the matches under your toes.  The scene continues to alternate between you talking to Rae and your foot under the desk as the flames draw nearer to your toes.  Just as the flames reach your toes, you tell your friend, “Well, it seems like everything is a-okay here; I don’t think there will be any hotfoot tonight.”  Then you feel the flames, shriek, kick off your shoe, and leap out of your chair (and out of your other shoe), crying out, “OW! OO!  OOOOOOOO!” in progressively higher pitches while grabbing at your foot.  The next we see is a full shot of you hopping frantically on one foot while holding your other, saying, “My toes!  Oh my toooooooes!  Someone just gave me a HOTFOOOOOOOOOT!”

SCENE TWO (1.5 minutes): That’s not the end of your troubles.  The camera cuts to a pixie hand take a red hot cookie sheet out of the oven.  The scene shifts back to a full shot of you, still clutching your toes and hopping with the phone in your other hand.  Then we cut to a close up of your hopping foot, as we see the pixie slide the cookie sheet directly underneath!

Your reaction is immediate.  The first prank was a fiery surprise, but the cookie sheet feels like you’re in your stockinged feet on a…well, on a red hot cookie sheet.  You cry out first in a drawn out shriek followed by quick, staccato explosions of breath, “Yeeeaaaaaahhhhhh-hah!-hah!-hah!  Oo!  Ow! Hot!  Hot!  Hot-Hot-HOT!”  All the while you leap quickly from foot to foot, knees high, hands and hair flying all over the place.  We hear the pixie giggle (a jingling sound like bells laughing) as you frantically leap off the cookie sheet, hopping first on one foot, then the other, trying to fan your scorched soles one at a time, finally sitting down on a chair or the couch with your feet stretched out in front of you, blowing on them.  You’re still on the phone, saying, “Oh, my God.  Holy!  Someone just gave me the BIGGEST…HOTFOOT…EVER!  Someone just…hey!  Do you think that could have been…pixies?”  We hear the jingling laughter of the pixies in the distance.  You say into the phone, “Rae?  I’ll call you back!”

SCENE THREE (1.5 mintues):  Hanging up the phone, you go in search of the pixie, whom you see scurrying into a cupboard or the top shelf of a tall bookshelf.  “You little bastard!” you say. “Now I’ll take care of you!”  There is a quick insert of your hand picking up a little stepping stool.  Then we see you walking purposefully toward the cupboard or the bookshelf with the stool in your hand.  You say, “You think you’re pretty clever, don’t you?”  Then you put the stool down.  Quick insert of you stepping onto the stool in your stocking-clad feet.  Then we see your from up-top again.  “We’ll see who gets the last laugh, my little hotfooting friend,” you say as you search for the pixie up top.

We jump to a close up of your stocking-clad feet on the stool.  You are standing tiptoe to reach the place where you think the goblin has hidden.  There just happens to be a small hole in your pantyhose near the space between your fourth and little toe, probably as a result of the flames from the first hotfoot.  The pixie’s hand appears again, deftly wedging a single match between your fourth and little toe and lighting it.

Meanwhile, you’re rummaging about with your hand for the malicious little creature.  Your tone changes as you try to coax the pixie out of hiding: “Here, pixie, pixie, pixie!  You want to come out and play?  I won’t hurt you, you little sicko.  I just want to have fun!”  A quick insert shows the match is burning closer.  Then we see you up top again.  “That’s right, we’re gonna have LOTS and LOTS of FUN just as soon as I get my hands on you-oo-  ooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”  As the last line suggests, the flame reaches your toe as you’re speaking.  The three “woos” each increase in pitch, intensity, and length, as you leap off the stool, grabbing your foot in both hands again.

We then switch to a full shot of you clutching your foot and hopping, while shouting to the rhythm of your hops:  “My toe!  My toe!  You burnt my little toe!”  We hear the pixie laugh again as you sink into a kneeling position, out of breath, with your hands in the air, your elbows at your sides, your hair disheveled, and your feet behind you, saying, “Oh…oo…oo!  Water!  Get me some water!”

SCENE FOUR (30 seconds):  We see the pixie hand grab the kettle from the top of the stove.  Yes, it is going to pour that tea….

…all over the soles of your feet.

We see a close up of your face as the boiling water courses over your soles.  Your eyes widen in shock, as you say, “Ooooooo…whoa!  Whoa!  WHOA!  WHOA-OOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

You leap to your feet again, doing your damsel-in-distress shriek:  “Oo!  Ow!  Oo!  Ow!  Ah!  Ah!  Ah!  Oh, my tootsies!  Ow-ow-ow-ow-ow-ow-OW!”  You shake your feet out trying to cool them off: “Oh!  Water!  WATER!”  You grab a hand towel, douse it with COOL water, all the while saying, “Oh my God!  Hot hot hot!  Ooch ouch ooch!”   You throw the towel on the floor.  Quick insert of your feet as you hop onto the damp towel.  We then cut back to your face where we see your immediate relief:  “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..”  You say to yourself, “There’s got to be something I can do about these dreadful hotfoots!”

SCENE FIVE (2.5 minutes):  You go into your bedroom.  Then you sit on the floor near your bookshelf, looking for a book on pixies.  When you find one, you begin to read it.  Your back is to the camera, your legs curled underneath you.  The soles of your feet are extended behind you toward the camera; we now see that there are several holes in your pantyhose, whether from the flames, the cookies sheet, or the boiling water.  As you read about the pixies, you learn something:  “Hmmm, it says here that pixies are especially attracted to very pretty people who have very pretty feet.  Ugliness repels them.”  As you read, a pixie hand is already wedging matches between your toes, through the holes in your nylons.  “Huh,” you say.  “So I guess I must be pretty enough, and my feet must be REALLY pretty, to earn a real pixie hotfoot!”  By this time, the pixie has lit the matches, of course, and they glow warmly around your toes like a little flaming bouquet.  “So, it’s not so bad, really.  It’s actually kind of a compliment.  I’m going to put that on Instagram!”  Typing:  “I have such pretty hotfoot-toes!”  You look back and notice them, not registering what is about to happen.  “And there they are!  Pretty!”  You snap a picture of them, smiling.  “Aw, what a sexy little hotfoot.  That’s what I would call hot!”  You smile again, then feel the flame and register what is happening at the same time.  “Hot…hot…HOOOOOOOOOOT!”

Once more you are doing the one-legged hotfoot dance, this time saying, “Oo!  Hot toes!  Hot toes!  Oo!  Ow!  Ow!  Oo!  Hot hot toes!”  You dance around until you cool off, taking a long time to fully recover, “Whoo!  Whoa!  Oh my God…oh Jesus…oh wow.  Whooooo!” Then you pick up the book again.  Leafing through it, you find the following, “The only way the pixies can be appeased is if they are given another suitable victim….”

EPILOGUE (30 seconds):  We see your face as you begin to get an idea.  You pick up the phone.  “Hey, Rae, it’s me, Liv.  Oh, yeah, I’m okay, it was a false alarm.  Just a little foot cramp, you know how that is, like ‘ow ow ow.’  Yeah!”  You laugh.  Then you add, “So Rae.  I was thinking we could have a girls night, just you and me.  Yeah, and I’d like to give you a pedicure, like we used to do.  Oh yes, I want to make your feet look sooooooo pretty.”  You hang up and smile.  “Pixies?  I think we’ve found another suitable victim.””

Length: 13 minutes 

Price: $13.99

Available Now on!

Still From “Skirt-Blowing Farts

Skirt Blowing Farts

***This is a custom clip. For your own email me!***

I know you enjoy begging me for farts and I was feeling quite gassy. You want to see my skirt blow up over and over again from all my flatulence. You’re addicted and that is ok, fart junky, since I am going to make you sniff and watch as all that gas leaves my sweet little ass! Now get your face in there and watch my skirt blowing farts!

Length: 11 minutes 

Price: $11.99

Available Now on!

Still From “H.O.M. Assassin: Emezzeler Eradicated

HOM Assassin: Embezzler Eradicated

Caroline Pierce is just waiting. For what, we never know. It will be the last time she ever, remains though, because our Assassin, Olivia Rose, has her on her list. She stealthily sneaks up on her and when she is least expecting clasps her hands over Caroline’s mouth, making her struggle. The assassin grip is fierce, making it so Caroline can no more extended breath, blocking her nose and mouth, making her brain not receive the oxygen it needs. 

The Assassin lets her loose so she can say her peace and plead her case. She is frazzled and upset and says it wasn’t her that transferred all the funds to the offshore bank account, that the Assassin must have been mistaken, for she would never do that! The Assassin has all the proof and the payment to end this wicked woman once and for all. Her pleas are not enough, and the Assassin soon tires of her and puts her out of misery.

Length: 9 minutes 

Price: $9.99

Available Now on!

Still From “The Witch’s Toilet Curse”

The Witch’s Toilet Curse

You are just a worthless loser, and because of that, I have a unique hex for you. I have gathered all of my oils, candles, and magical herbs, and I have placed them on my altar to cast a spell. I have made a special witch’s curse specifically with you in mind, and that which is to last till the end of time!

As a witch, I believe in reincarnation, and I think you deserve something far worse than anyone else. I am going to curse you to the life of a toilet, in this life and forever after! I curse you to the life of a toilet now, and you will be reborn to the life of one as well! Never again will you come back as a human, but instead, you will be filled with refuse and filth, with waste and bodily fluids forever!

Have fun in your new existence as a worthless toilet!

Length: 7 minutes

Price: $8.99

Available Now on and!

AVN Decompression & Updates

AVN Decompression & Updates

Greetings Pets,

I hope everyone is having a great week so far! I just flew back to Pittsburgh after a wonderful week at AVN. I filmed so much content with some stellar people, and I can’t wait to edit it! I also had such a great time working at the Clips4Sale booth! I always am impressed at how easy going all the staff is there and how they treat us, which included a very epic last meal for all of us at a fancy steakhouse after the show! I forgot how great Japanese A-5 Waygu was! Somehow I ended up eating it two days in a row, too. That is one thing I miss about Las Vegas, the seriously epic food!

I am currently recovering from my jetlag and am about to edit all the customs I shot, and tomorrow, I will begin filming some new orders! I still have a few slots available for more orders this week, so if you want in on some fantasy POV action, please reply to this email!

There are only a few more days left in the “End of the Year Sales Incentive,” so if you want to purchase some clips and enter into the raffle for a free ten-minute custom video, now is your chance! Just use my “” URL. Every clip purchase counts as one entry. The more clips you buy between now and February 2nd, the more chances you have to win. Just email the proof that you purchased using, and I will enter you! It’s that easy!

Well, that’s all I have for now. Till next week!

Warm Regards and Kinky Dreams,

Olivia Rose

Still from “Last Think You’ll Ever See

The Last Thing You’ll Ever See

You awaken tied tight and incapacitated with me standing before you. I slip on a pair of gloves and start talking. You realize you can’t move. I must have slipped you something so you’re wide awake but can’t get out of your current predicament. I start teasing you about what is to become of you, how I enjoy playing with my victims and how much it turns me on.

I take my gloved hands and make you lick the leather, forcing my fingers in your mouth telling you it will all be over soon. And it is, as soon as I want it to be!

Price: $11.99

Length: 11 minutes 

Available Now on and!

Still from”Just Sniff Gym Shoe Sock Slut

Just Sniff, Gym Shoe Slut

I just got home from the gym and plopped down on my sofa. I have been wearing these old, funky gym shoes because I can’t find my other ones, and since I just did an intense workout, my boots are pretty damn ripe. I bet you can’t smell them, the odor permeating the air and I haven’t even taken them off yet, but don’t you worry, I will, and I am going to make you sniff them, lick the dirt off their soles, and then move on to my smelly socks.

Most people don’t know this, but I have a terrible sense of smell, so if I smell the sweat coming from my feet, well, that means it is odorous! After worshiping my dirty athletic shoes and socks, I then peel back the white ankle socks to reveal my sweaty soles. I have you lick those too, right before stuffy my socks into your gaping mouth!

Price: $11.99

Length: 11 minutes

Available Now on and!

Still From “Ball Free For Me

Ball Free For Me

I am so glad we have this chance to talk and discuss our current state of affairs. I haven’t been pleased with you for a long time. I know you try, but you don’t compare to the other real men out there. Your recent impotence is why I am going to propose a solution; become ball free for me!

That’s right, castration. It’s not like you need those balls for anything, anyway. Might as well get rid of them, and since you love me and want to make me happy, there’s no reason not to. I think you’ll find a sense of newfound freedom being a eunuch, only around to serve me like the Goddess I am. 

Well, I am glad you agree. I took the liberty of finding a street surgeon, and he’ll make sure you won’t feel a thing, just a little snip, snip and out they’ll pop! You’re going to love it, being ball free just for me!

Price: $11.99

Length: 11 minutes 

Available Now on and!

Still from “Aroma Breathing Game

Aroma Breathing Game

You love your aroma, don’t you? I know you do, that is why I want to play a little game with you. I will tell you when to sniff and count how long you inhale and make you hold it! There is one small catch though. You can only jerk when I say you’re allowed. When I tell you hands off your cock and to hold your breath, you better do just that. Let’s see if you can last or if your breathing gets the best of you!

Price: $13.99

Length: 13 minutes

Available on and!

AVN Part 3

AVN Part 3

We last left off on me working with the lovely Tomiko. After spending all morning with her I went back to the hotel and ate lunch with Miles Striker. Some of you subbies really enjoy being Dominated by a strong Alpha male, and he is that Alpha. He brings something to sessions most don’t whether it is cuckolding, or just humiliating you with his ideals and making you feel like less than a man. He really gets into that role and it’s always fun to watch.

Of course, we really didn’t shoot anything like that. We shot a fun take down seen where I played the assassin executrix. This is always a fun role for me. Taking down “bad” people as a rogue assassin and taking them out with my deadly legs. I like to imagine I am some kind of James Bond character while playing this part. Slinking in undetected and offing evil villains. I definitely can relate to a character that is the antihero. The type that does bad things for the common good, and it’s something I totally play up.

I also really enjoy using my strength in the clips I do. Fore Miles Femdom site I transformed into a sadistic personal trainer and made him do various exercises while I was on his shoulders and back. He was able to get a good workout with this. When we finished filming he was drenched in sweat and out of breath. We also did some virgin humiliation. I have always been a fan of verbally humiliating those who deserve it, and I have had virgins on my radar for a long time. There are few things better than making virgin boys cry by reaffirming the fact that they are never going to get laid. lol

Forcing Miles Striker to do sit ups while I push him down on “The Adventures of Miles Striker.

My next shoot was with Toby Springs. I had never met or worked with him before, so this was a lot of fun. Toby and I both shoot ABDL, Age Regression, and Diaper Discipline, so we did a few trade clips and I got to dress him up like a big ol’ baby, diapered and everything! The best part about working with Toby and this fetish is that, whether he wants to admit it or not, he actually is into being regressed. For his clip he ended up having a hardon as soon as I slipped the diaper on him. I, of course, had to abuse him a little for it and transformed into mean mommy hitting his dick in that diaper. He loved it.

Toby Springs fully age regressed in “Bad Boyfriend Diaper Disciplined”

I took a break from shooting Thursday and just wondered the floor, met up with friends, and had a great dinner at Nobu. I swear my partner really spoils me, as he should. It was nice to take a break from being around tons of people and relax and eat with one of my favorite people.

Friday marked my last day of full on shooting. I hired Anastasia Rose for some awesome customs. The first custom we shot was of her being a scared student with a nurse phobia. Of course I, as the student nurse, helped her get over her fear with a sweet rag of chloroform! I showed her exactly how I was going to administer it and made her go into a sweet comatose state. When she woke up she had no fear of nurses! She was cured! The second custom I hired her for was with my “porn son” Billy Boston. I have worked with Billy since he got in the industry. I was the first to shoot him. I gave him a chance, and he was nothing but wonderful to work with, so now I hire him for a number of things. This time he was lucky enough to get a blowjob from Anastasia in “Sex Ed Schoolgirl”.

Chloroforming Anastasia Rose in “Nurses Cure”.

My last shoot of the day was wild! I had been asked to do a wrestling, scissor hold, ass smother and farting clip, and I was happy to oblige. This was a last minute shoot, so I called up Laila Mayhem because I knew she would be down. The story was fun. Laila had been talking mad smack about me to all the other models at the convention and I happened to walk in on her in the “model lounge” in the middle of her slandering me to Emma Leviathan. I immediately confront her and wrestle her to the ground scissoring her with my legs and sitting on her face. I had the worst gas, so I farted all over her and made her pay! The prep for these shoots is always pretty easy since I am quite gassy in general. I almost feel sorry for Laila, but she seemed to like it. I also ended up with her makeup all over my butt.

Laila Mayhem, Emma Leviathan, and Myself in “Trash Talk Gets Ass Talk”

That’s about it for AVN 2019! I had an absolute blast working with everyone and enjoying the convention and fans, as well as seeing all the people I only get to hangout with once a year. I really can’t wait to do it again next year!