Clip Updates 03/10/22

Hello, Pets,

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week! It’s been a few since I have been able to send out a newsletter. Unfortunately, things have gotten a bit crazy, and I had to take an impromptu trip to my hometown, Vegas, for a funeral. It was a true celebration of life, and since the person was a comedian, I am positive his send-off was something he would have loved.

Anywho, enough sad stuff! I am back home now and have custom slots to fill. So feel free to click here, and let’s make some custom magic!

Last week, I released some new clips and had three coming out this weekend. So go ahead and browse the titles below and snap them all up!

Well, that’s about all this week. I hope to be more on my regular schedule after this brief newsletter hiatus. Till next week!

Warm Regards and Kinky Dreams,

Olivia Rose

Still From “Pillow Hump Away

Pillow Hump Away

You love a pillow between your legs, don’t you? As soon as you get some alone time, you want to pillow hump away! You can pillow hump along to my instructions, but a warning; I will humiliate you the entire time for it! So put that pillow between your legs, and let’s get started, loser!

Price: $13.99

Length: 10Min.

Available Now on Manyvids, Clip4Sale, or IWantClips!

Still From “Filthiest Shoe Slave

Filthiest Shoe Slave

***This is a custom video! For your own, Click Here!***

Custom Script:

Start by telling me that you want to make me your shoe cleaning slave and you want to make me eat all kinds of stuff from your shoes (please use wedges or sandals if possible). Say that you went for a walk to the park and your shoes are covered in dirt and god knows what else and that I am disgusting for licking the bottom of your shoes. Call me all kinds of names and degrade and humiliate me and laugh at me (btw, I LOVE your evil laugh, love the laugh track video) and be as mean as possible. Then, around 4 minutes, pretend that you see something icky and laugh at me as you intend to feed it to me with your shoes. Crush and grind it on the floor slowly and sensually and make me watch you do it and after you do, feed it to me and laugh at me as hard as you possibly can and flip me off, calling me names. Please make sure that you grind it nice and slow (you can use whatever you like, like a chocolate bar), and when you feed it to me, it shows excellent close to the camera. For shoes, you can wear anything like wedges or sandals. Please make sure it’s open-toed (pref wedges). Don’t forget to laugh at me as you feed it to me and show me how disgusted you are with me. Then crush it some more with your bare foot and feed it to me as you laugh at me. Of course, improvising throughout the clip is more than welcome. Essential parts are laughing at me and flipping me off, showing me how disgusted you are of me with facial expressions, and crushing it slowly and sensually.

Price: $14.99

Length: 12Min.

Available Now on Manyvids, Clip4Sale, or IWantClips!

Still From “Executrix Wants It All”

Executrix Wants It All

***This is a custom clip. For your own, Click Here!***

Custom Script:


Me and a business partner have embezzled a large sum of money from work. We are getting ready to skip town and go our separate ways. My business partner is greedy though and has hired an Executrix to take me out and has agreed to split the money with her. 


The Executrix sits at a table with my business partner. He is trying to persuade her, basically begging her, to have sex with him. “I told you, you’ll get off. But it’s going to be my way. Understood.” She is less interested in him and more interested in the task at hand, taking me out. “So exactly how much money have you guys embezzled? More than 6 figures? Interesting…” She has something in her hand that she brings into view. It’s a syringe, with a narrow needlepoint. She tells my partner that once she gets into my place she’ll hide it under my pillow. “I’ll give him a nice tease and once his guard is down, I’ll reach for this little cocktail, jab him in the neck and then it’s lights out for him.” She reaches her hand under the table, running it up the business partner’s thigh. “Remember I touch, you don’t. And just to be clear, we’re splitting his money 70/30 right?…

… 50/50?!”

She doesn’t like that answer. “You do want to cum don’t you? Then it’s 60/40.” He agrees. She unzips his pants and starts to stroke him. “So what’s this guy’s weakness? Goth girls, huh… that’s no problem.” The business partner tries to touch her, she pushes him back… “Hey, not touching! Hands to yourself… now lift up your shirt. You’re gonna have a sticky mess to clean up soon.”

Days Later, Bedroom:

We wait on the bed for her, we see her emerge from the bathroom in a robe, which she quickly drops to reveal a sexy dark outfit. “A little birdie told me you have a thing for goth girls.”

She begins a slow teasing dance (maybe to some music), mesmerizing me with her eyes and body by the way she moves. “Well, you just relax there and let me show my appreciation for helping me fix my flat tire. Just focus on me.” She moves closer to the bed. “You’re in for a real treat,” she says, crawling onto the bed getting closer and closer until she starts kissing me. Lost in a make out session, we don’t see her grab the needle and jab into my neck. 

Before I know it I’m froze into place as she backs away a bit, staring down at me with a grin on her face. “Don’t move,” she says. “You have a needle in your neck.” She finishes the injection before pulling the needle into view. “Don’t feel too bad, your cock led you astray. You got caught slipping and that’s a fatal mistake with a woman like me.” She places her hand over my mouth. Shhh she says. “Your business partner wanted you out of the way. So he sent me.” “It’s over, honey… just close your eyes for me.” She puts two fingers over my eyes, closing them slowly. “There you go…”


“I’ll take good care of your money don’t you worry,” her voice says with a laugh over BLACK.

Back to the Scene Moments Later:

The Executrix is sitting at the foot of the bed, on the phone with the business partner. “Oh yeah… so quick and easy. Let’s just say I took him out before he was able to take it out of his pants.” She finds it amusing. “We’ll I’m ready to collect, can you meet me in a little while…”

The Executrix reveals one more fresh pin that she examines before putting it in her purse. “… just remember I touch, you don’t. And we’re gonna try it blindfold this time. Something new. See you soon.” She hangs up. Then proceeds to get dressed. “Well, I have one more cocktail left… it’s for your business partner,” she says lowering her voice.

“Why settle for a little when you can take it all. I trust my secret is safe with you,” she says with a snicker. She picks up her purse to leave. On her way out the door she says, “I’d love to pick up where we left off sometime… in your next life of course.” She blows a kiss before leaving the room.

Price: $17.99

Length: 14Min.

Available Now on Manyvids, and Clip4Sale!

Still From “Harlot’s End Times Edge

The Harlot’s End Times Edge

Here it is upon us. All those prophecies in the book of Matthew point to one thing: The end of days! Today, you will be listening to Me, the Harlot, and will be choosing which side you’re going to be on! I will have you stroke and edge to my words, making them sink deeper into your sinning soul until you have the unveiled realization and you choose a side, the winning side, my side, Satan’s Side!

Price: $14.99

Length: 12Min.

Available Now on Manyvids, Clip4Sale, or IWantClips!

Quarantine & Watch Clips!

Quarantine & Watch Clips!

Hello, Pets,

Greetings from my office! I hope all of you are finding yourselves well in this very uncertain time. I have been home for 25 days now and just left my neighborhood for the first time since self-isolating! It is very surreal, this whole pandemic. When entering 2020, I was hoping to travel more and shoot with more models, create more new content and just have a bunch more kinky fun, but all plans are on hold, and I am waiting this out with the rest of the world. While I won’t be working with any new models, I will be continuing to give you quality kinky content that you can continue to enjoy over the weeks ahead. I am beefing up my production game, and have a few tasty morsels of fetish goodness I am working on right now.

While I am stuck at home, I will be continuing to film POV custom videos. Feel free to reply to this email and get yourself a little something. 😉

I am also proud to announce that Clips4Sale is doing another month-long sales incentive, which means we get bonuses every time you use our unique link! I have it hooked up to my vanity URL, so it will be easy to bookmark and remember. Every time between now and April 30, 2020, I will receive 100% of ANY clip purchased with ““! Giving back to their creators like this is yet another reason Clips4Sale is my favorite clip platform. They honestly do look out for their clip studios.

I released five new clips this week. Please feel free to snap them all up and support me any way you can! I am truly grateful for all of my fans out there and your continued support, especially during this time. It means the world to me that I can do what I love for a living. So cheers!

Lastly, I just want to say stay safe out there! Practice your social distancing, stay home, stay safe, and we can all get through this together! Till next week!

Warm Regards and Kinky Dreams,

Olivia Rose

“Trish’s Meta Mesmerize”

Trish’s Meta Mesmerize

***This is a custom clip. For your own go here!***

Custom Script:

Dressed in the PVC top (slightly zipped down), leather pants, belt, and boots with black bra and panties under them. Hair tied the same in as my The master of darkness nemesis video with makeup and red lipstick, choker, and if you have a black arm sleeve on your left arm. The videos start with you sitting on a chair stroking a dildo, watching your metronomic joi video on your laptop. (start from 0:0800-0:10:40 react to the video like when the video says keep stroking you say yes I will keep stroking and when it says control you/ mesmerizing you say controlling me/ mesmerizing me.) Dante comes in and snaps you out of your trance, and you pause the video. “Master Dante, your back oh, you want to open up a dominate shop where I dominate and pleasure men?” Yes, I’m always ready to comply cause I am your metronome stroke slave, and I am willing to dominate and torture those men who will pay us.” Oh, you want me to look at more Olivia Rose videos, but why I already believe I’m ready to dominate those men” “Oh fine ill watch more Olivia Rose videos to program myself to be like her.” You start to play your leg mind melt video (start from 0:00:22-0;01;40 then skip to 0:06:47-0:0757 same thing, please react to the video while stroking the dildo). Next, you jump to 0:12:18-the end of the video, and your head goes down when the video ends. Metronome starts to play at 60 bpm, and you awake and stand up mindlessly. “Yes, Master Dante time for some metronome dancing.” You begin to dance to the beat(when the metronome stops you freeze, every 1 min and please increase the speed of the metronome by 20 max 120) “Yes master Dante I will change into the outfit you have prepared for me.” You walk to the right and return in your outfit in your video, same bra, and panties under them, choker, black boots, and hair untied, mindless and waiting for commands holding your riding crop in hand. “Yes, Master Dante, when you say the word “Jackpot,” Trish will be transformed into Olivia Rose, the evil and cruel mistress, but I will still be obedient to you.” “Jackpot.” You blink, and now you are Olivia Rose. “umm, yes, master Dante it is I Olivia Rose, and I ready to torture and punish men who shall be my first victim?” “Oh, we have our first client in the other room?” yes, master Dante this will be a lot of fun lets go. You walk into your bedroom with the metronome to see the client. “Umm, well, hello there, I see master Dante has sent me here to teach you a lesson, and now Olivia Rose here will have some fun with you now, hahaha.” “Trish? Who is that I am the evil goddess Olivia Rose! Now be quiet and start stroking to the beat of the metronome. We will begin to fast (slap him with your crop). You turn the metronome to 120 bpm and give him joi instructions for 2 mins while dancing and hit him whenever he slows down stroking. “Nono, you’re stroking too slow here Ill show you what I want.” You take over from him and stroke him (pull up the dildo) for the last 1 min while teasing him and your orgasm when he cums. “There, that’s how you’re supposed to stroke now. Remember to come back here for even more sessions. I’ll make a true man out of you just like Master Dante now pay up!.” You collect an envelope and thank him and wink to him, and the video ends.”

Length: 18 minutes

Price: $18.99

Available NOW on!

“Devoting Yourself To Dirty Feet”

Devoting Yourself To Dirty Feet

There are some things in this life that you just can’t resist. One of those things is my dirty feet. You need them. Only one lick, one whiff, one taste shoots you straight into ecstasy. You want to devote yourself to serving me and my feet, and I give you the chance to do just that, foot slut. The more you see them, the deeper you go and the more addicted you become. You just can’t help it!

Length: 11 minutes

Price: $11.99

Available NOW on and!

“Let Those Long Farts Rip 3”

Let Those Long Farts Rip 3

***This is a custom clip. For your own, go here!***

Custom Script:

“Olivia, I want this video called Let those Long Farts Rip 3.  I want you to wear a nice shirt or blouse with some sexy tight light-colored blue jeans and one of your design type belt and your favorite color thong. I want you to start in your bedroom during the beginning of the video doing chores and then start walking to your living room doing more of your daily tasks. I want you to Fart and Fart with the jeans button up with the belt buckled as you do your chores. Olivia, keep doing long, hard farts walking through your house. Then you will start to unbutton/unzip the jeans and unbuckled the belt and show some of your thong as you keep farting continuously nonstop.  Olivia, I want you to bend over a lot and let those long farts rip and rip.  Olivia, I don’t want you to touch your booty at all in this video while you let those long farts out. As you walk and let those long farts rip out, make your booty cheek tighten up one at a time as those farts come out.”

Length: 25 minutes

Price: $25.99

Available NOW on!

“Zoo Smuggler Zeroed”

Zoo Smuggler Zeroed

The scene is set with Dummy talking to one of his warehouse managers about the order of albino spotted flying monkeys. He doesn’t know it yet, but our rogue assassin, Olivia Rose, has intercepted the shipment and taken down the whole warehouse staff. Tony, the manager, is telling Dummy about how all the worker’s bodies lie about and that it looks like a gory scene happened there.

Dummy is confused and frustrated, pacing the floor. He is so engrossed in the call that he doesn’t even notice that the assassin is sneaking downstairs. He will get his dues, and Olivia Rose has zeroed in on him to make him her next victim. She jumps him, wraps her diabolical thighs around him, and gets on the phone with Tony, telling him that he has done a great job keeping Dummy occupied.

Our rogue assassin loves taking things slow, really putting the pressure on her victims, toying with them till they tell her everything she needs to know. She at first has him in a rear-naked hold, making it, so his neck and body feel it before taking him to the ground and edging him with her thighs, scissoring him and getting off on his pain. She toys with him a bit further, letting him know why he deserves his fate, and then with one quick snap of his neck, it is all over. This zoo smuggler is zeroed, and she is off to find her next victim in her search for vigilante justice.

Length: 12 minutes 

Price: $12.99

Available NOW on and!

Chatting and Vaping Featuring Laila Mayhem

Vaping & Chatting featuring Laila Mayhem

It’s always nice to catch up with old friends, especially after not seeing them for a long while. In this clip Laila and I hang out, cap, and chat, giving you an inside look at some big clouds and funny stories. Laila’s vape clouds are simply epic, filling the room every time she takes a hit.

Length: 13 minutes 

Price: $13.99

Available NOW on!

Turkey Week And New Content

Turkey Week And New Content

Hello Lovlies,

Happy Tuesday, and for all the Americans on my mailing list, Happy Face Stuffing week! Now that I am in Pennsylvania, the family matriarchs take care of all the major cooking, which is fine by me. I still have to cook something, though, so I will be making one of my special cheesecakes. I have been baking cheesecakes for years now. I usually do one take on a classic holiday pie. For example, I take an apple pie and transform it into the perfect cheesecake. This year I am doing something completely different, though. I will be taking the classic campfire dessert and making a S’mores cheesecake! Check out my social media, and you will see the pictures of my baking process. 😉

As of this week, I decided to take my usual Newsletter and make it into a blog so I can share all of my goings-on with you all as well!

I am still taking a few customs even though I have a busy week. Have a great idea that you want to come to life and star yours indeed? Just fill out my form here, and let’s make custom magic!

I am also starting to book for AVN, so if you know of other models attending and want to see them in my clips, hit me up! I love working with others and expanding my reach. It’s always nice to make new friends in the industry as well. 🙂

Well, that’s all for this week. Check out all of my new clip titles at the bottom of this blog and snap them all up! Also, be sure to look at my stores this weekend for a few Turkey Day themed clips.

Warm Regards and Kinky Dreams,

Olivia Rose

“Campaign Trail Sissy” can be found HERE

Campaign Trail Sissy

***This is a custom video. For your own fill out my customs form HERE!***

Custom Script:

“You are a sadistically evil and corrupt politician, and I am your feminized sissy slut aide. You’ve put a lot of campaign funds into perfecting my feminization over the last few years of your term so much so that I now resemble a perfect little fuck doll in every way. Fake tits, full lips curvy hips, perfect makeup, and platinum blonde hair. Yes, no expenses were spared to make me the best fuckdoll-except for my oversized little clitty, which instead of having removed, you decide to keep locked up tight in a tiny pink chastity device. The keys to which have long since destroyed. I am so weak and so obsessed with you and your dirty bare feet that you always tease me with that I’ve allowed you to use me and transform me into a perfect slut without any objections. 

Now Election year is around the corner, and you reveal to me the purpose of my feminization and the platform on which you will be running: Slavery reparations. Tonight when you announce your candidacy to the world on national television, you will march me out on stage with you in a slutty little outfit. My hands cuffed behind my back, and after lifting my skirt and showing the world how you have me locked up in chastity and feminized me, you will force me to my knees. Then from the audience, you will invite all the black men on stage( you will have purposely planted several well-hung ones to give the audience a real treat) and offer them reparations in the form of a blowjob from a sissy white girl which they, of course, will accept. Then as I choke and gag on BBC and swallow their cum, you will address the world and make the promise that over the next four years, every black man in America will receive reparations too. It should be a landslide victory.

It won’t be easy for me to make good on your promise, and it’ll mean a lot of cock sucking on the campaign trail, but I won’t have a choice. You remind me how replaceable I am and tell me to kiss your feet, and thank you for the privilege of being apart of your landmark campaign. Throughout your speech, you’ve been pointing your toes and teasing me with your feet, and You notice that my locked up clitty is rock hard in its little cage, and a small puddle of precum has now formed on the floor. You roll your eyes in disgust- how pathetic. You snap your fingers and tell me to lick ur dirty feet, so they are nice and clean for tonight and try not to make a mess in my chastity cage.”


“Vamp Wrecked” can be found HERE

Vamp Wrecked

***This is a custom clip. For your own fill out my customs form HERE!***

Custom Script:

“You’re new to my neighborhood. We have an annual costume party for Halloween. You went as a vampire, but little did I know you were one. You saw me at the party with my wife, both of us looking like ordinary everyday folks, but you could sense something dark in me. You kept catching me staring at you and lusting. Thinking how amazing it would be to be seduced and bitten by such an erotic creature. You read those thoughts and wait for your time to take this willing prey. 

The scene opens with you finding your way into my house and see me all alone on the couch. You knew my wife would pass out eventually and waited for that chance to seduce and feed. I’m a bit hesitant, but you know I won’t be able to resist such a sexy vampire with bloodlust in such a seductive outfit. You take bites throughout the scene, talking about the pleasure that you can give with one taste that my wife could not match in a million years. You want to keep our rendezvous’ secret from her, but you’ve found a tasty and willing play/feed pet, and with my average appearance, no one will suspect a thing. 

You can sense how aroused I get when you bite into my neck, wanting it over and over. It’s a dream come true, and my lust runs high.”


“HypStroke” can be found HERE


You dream about my hand wrapped around your cock, stroking you to completion. I want you to feel right here with me as I guide you through an enchanting orgasm. I stroke you up and down, making you weaker and weaker with every glide of my hand across your hard cock, mesmerizing you, making you feel so good that you can’t help but to give in to what I want. I am going to make you think my wants are your wants and forever entwine you to me. 

You feel every inch of my long nails and long fingers gripping you, making you throb, pulse, and want to release. You yearn to be closer to me, but when you do cum, you will give it all up. Your being will be mine. Just watch the spiral and stare as I get into your head and take control of one stroke at a time!


“Binding Love Spell” Can be found HERE

Binding Love Spell

I decided you need a bit of a push in your submission. I tend to use my magic to transform you into whatever I’d like or even to curse those who disobey, but this time I decide it’s better to cast a love spell on you. A love spell to bind you to me. A spell that makes you helplessly in love with me so I may do as I wish to you, and you will do whatever I want!

I call upon the Dark Goddess to bind you to me and use all of my power to get you closer and hook you in, controlling you, making you mine, and forever binding you to me! My wants and desires will become your wants and desires. No matter how hard you try, you will not be able to break free from my magical grasp and be powerless to break my magic hold on you!

You may think you will have the will power to resist, but you will not be able to. You are about to be mine forever!


“Can’t Get Enough of My Ass” can be found HERE!

Can’t Get Enough of My Ass

Just seeing my ass makes you want it, right in front of your face. There are so many things you could think of doing to my perfect ass. I know your type. You are not able to get enough of it right in your face. It is so round, so plump. There are so many ways in which you would love it to be right in front of you. You want to worship and please it. It is so lovely, so juicy and in need of constant adoration.

There is a small catch, though. You’ll have to do whatever I say to get your ass fixed, and whatever I want I get. I need you on your knees behind me. I know you will willingly pay whatever I want to have this ass jiggling right in your face. I love making you work for it, making you give in like a good ass addict. So open up that wallet and dive right in. I am going to take it all so you can have the privilege of worshiping my magnificent ass.