Happy New Year 2022!

Happy New Year 2022!

Hello there, pets! I hope everyone is having an excellent start to the year! The last year was intense. I know I had lots of ups and downs, but I feel like I am finally getting back to what I love doing, and that is dominating all of you.

As I reflect on 2021, I realize how much personal growth I had. Most people don’t know this, but I suffer from severe anxiety and have ADHD, so this last year I finally made it my goal to get my mental health together with therapy and medication. I wasn’t a real proponent for taking medication (for Myself), but something finally clicked for me during the summer. I realized that things shouldn’t have to be this hard! There is no reason to be suffering and just dealing with things when I could do something about them.

Olivia Rose in Lingerie with 2022 glasses
New year, better Me!

Let’s face it, just “dealing” with things was ignoring them. I think it me putting things off was also out of pride. “I am a strong, dominant woman,” I thought, “What will people think of me if I am on meds or if they find out I have social anxiety?” And that is all bullshit. Having anxiety, having psychological conditions, neurodivergent traits, etc., doesn’t make anyone less dominant. It just makes us human. If anything, Me dealing and making Myself better is better for you, and why wouldn’t I want to be the absolute best Goddess to my minions?

This taking care of my mental health is a journey, too. I will probably blog about it more sometime soon, but I am working out the kinks and on to yours for now. Plus, maybe Me being an example can help some of my fellow kinksters on their journey to better mental health. Remember, you are not alone!

Well, that was my realization in 2021, so let’s make this year kick-ass, and maybe I will even be kicking some of yours soon!

Goddess Olivia