Clip Releases For Week of 01/11/22

Hello, Pets,

I hope everyone is having a great week! I am grooving into January right now and feeling mighty awesome. I am ready to take over the world and make you weaker one clip at a time! I know you all can get behind this, can’t you? 😉

Lately, I have been hanging low due to the recent surge, but I am hoping to get out of the house and shoot with people at one point. Hopefully, that is sooner than later. I miss filming with slaves and submissives. It’s been too long; I need to release all this Dominant pent-up energy!

I am available for customs right now and have some slots available. So fill out my custom form here, and let’s make it happen. I know you’ve been putting a custom from me off for way too long. 

I released four new clips this last week! Links are attached below, so browse, be a good pet, and buy them all.

Well, that’s about it for this week! Stay kinky!

Warm Regards and Kinky Dreams,

Goddess Olivia Rose 

“Bewitched into Sissy Cumslut”

Bewitched into Sissy Cum Slut

***This is a custom video. For your own, click HERE!***

Custom Script:

“You’ve been begging your gf for a threesome with her and a woman. Finally, she’s tired of it. You’ve never taken her witchcraft religion seriously, so you shrug it off when she says she’s going to put a spell on you to give you exactly what you want. Next thing you know, you’re on your knees, bound tightly in shackles. Before you have a chance to say anything, she produces a huge cock and shoves it in your mouth to keep you quiet. She then proceeds to tell you that you’re about to get that threesome that you’ve always wanted, except she’s going to turn YOU into the other girl! You can only see her looking down at you as she thrusts her massive cock in and out of your mouth, keeping you mute except for moaning and gasping. (Don’t have to see the whole cock, just enough to give the illusion of being throat fucked). Your inner thoughts are visible on the screen…” is she crazy? She can’t turn me into a girl,”…etc. But with her first orgasm straight down your throat, your thoughts begin to change, as does your body. “Why did that taste so good? My chest feels funny like it’s stretching outward.” Etc….With each successive orgasm, you think and feel more and more feminine until the end, where you’re just a cock crazed cum hungry slut, eager to please your Wiccan goddess and her well-hung bull. You’ll make a love offering for you both to enjoy for a while until she thinks of other ways to use your new female body. I was thinking of having lots of thoughts as text, slowly showing the turn into the feminized slave girl.”

Price: $14.99

Length: 11Min.

Available NOW on Clips4Sale, IWantClips, and Manyvids!

“Smelliest Sneaker Bitch”

Smelliest Sneaker Bitch

Price: $14.99

Size: 1029MB

Length: 11Min.

I love converse sneakers, and I tend to wear mine to the ground. When that happens, they inevitably become super smelly! This pair of chucks is no exception. I have owned this specific pair for over a decade, and they’re by far my smelliest pair of shoes. I know how you are just aching to smell them, right, sneaker bitch? Good, because I will shove them in your face and make you sniff!

Price: $14.99

Length: 11Min.

Available NOW on Clips4Sale, IWantClips, and Manyvids!

“On The Chopping Block”

On The Chopping Block

You find yourself in my lair. You vaguely remember me from the night before. You try and move but can’t. You’re in stocks, naked, and can’t go anywhere. You feel something on your cock and realize that you’re below a hefty steel blade. I explain what happened. Your wife paid me. One false pull on the ropes I attached to your toes and “slice!” Try and get out of this predicament! Oh wait, you can’t!

Price: $14.99

Length: 11Min.

Available NOW on Clips4Sale, IWantClips, and Manyvids!

“Goddess Caviar”

Goddess Caviar

You have been begging for a long time now. All you want is to show your devotion and be my toilet slave. Maybe I will finally let you so you can prove how devoted to me you are. Are you ready to taste Goddess Caviar?

Price: $13.99

Length: 10Min.

Available NOW on Clips4Sale, IWantClips, and Manyvids!

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